Website Maintenance Contract

$1,200.00 $1,080.00

When purchasing an annual website maintenance contract, you receive a 10% discount. The quantity purchased is the number of hours a month that you are buying.

The website maintenance contract cost is determined by the number of hours a month you choose. (quantity = 1 hour)

This contract applies to 1 website/domain and includes website services like

  • Priority turn around time.
  • Updating website content and images
  • Adding new (static) web pages (HTML)
  • Debugging website issues
  • Technical consulting

New product development such as server side programming, application development, or website design are not considered to be maintenance. You would need to buy custom web development  services.

If you use your allotted hours for the month, you will be billed in addition (after approval to move forward) at the end of the month.


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